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A watch connoisseur and expert of the luxury watch market who shares her knowledge and experience on social medias.

Author of the famous Mondani books together with her family, Digital Entrepreneur with a big network of followers and trusted partners.

With around 400’000 followers on Instagram, every day she shares her experience in the world of luxury through photos and videos of her daily lifestyle wearing the most exclusive watches

This mostly includes her business and family travels, events and meetings. Her image is associated to the most important watch brands and she is very well known among worldwide watch and car collectors.

She always answers collectors questions and try to help them with suggestions and advices.

Giorgia has a strong female voice in a male dominated industry, she is also a mother and a wife and she loves sharing her family in her social media channels.


Essential and luxurious books about the most prestigious watch brands that help collectors and dealers to buy, sell, trade, collect and invest in collectible timepieces. The Mondani Books are well known all around the world as some of the most reliable guides in the watch industry. You can see the selection of books this link.


A network of trusted watch dealers and partners created by Giorgia Mondani and her family to help collectors not only to recognize reliable sellers and buy safely, but also to be updated on the latest releases from the main watch brands and useful accessories.


A collection of digital magazines published by Mondani and written in collaboration with renown watch experts to give watch collectors and aficionados a free lecture about their favorite topics.