She is the new, fresh and strong face of luxury watch market.


Founder of Mondani Web, Giorgia started an innovative business which, in just a few years, has become the most reliable network of watch dealers all over the world.


Numbers don’t lie: more than 300 dealers and partners of international significance including Christie’s, Gerald Charles, Sotheby’s and Eric Wind, are part of Mondani Web.


Author of the famous Mondani Books and creator of the Mondani Magazine, She is not only a businesswoman but also a wife and a mother.



After graduating in Foreign Languages, she completed her internship at Antiquorum and joined her family business ‘Modani Books’, the leading publishing house in the word of watches. She took the family business to “the next level” making the Mondani Books known and famous all over the world.


Then, everything could have gone smoothly on a settled and safe path. Anyway, for Giorgia it wasn’t enough, and she achieved something quite extraordinary.


She took all the courage, the resourcefulness, and the nerve she could get to reach the top by following one single task:
Innovating a male, traditional and pretty saturated industry.


With the support of her husband Daniele and her parents, she built up an entirely new way to deal with wristwatches. Giorgia created Mondani Web which is not only the world’s most reliable network of Trusted Watch Dealers, but also the leading agency of communication in the watch industry, entirely focused on social media promotion and management of watch-related businesses.


That’s what -according to Giorgia- means making business:
Keeping up with the times, adapting quickly,
holding on and giving the customers more and more value.

Thanks to Mondani Web, Giorgia helps collectors to stay away from bad sellers and fake watches and offers a guide to buy safely from the best dealers in the world. Furthermore, her whatsapp group for the Mondani Web Trusted Dealers offers a unique, safe and powerful channel to make business without traveling (every day Dealers post hundreds of watches for sale and group is now the safest and most active in Europe, thanks to a continuous control of all transactions and quality of the watches. Every dealer is selected and verified)

Well, they say to be the one is not enough sometimes. When it comes to success, you must be the first as well, as a matter of fact.


Well, no doubt Giorgia Mondani managed to be both.


No more to say: Beware of imitation!


Wife, daughter, friend. Her city, her passions, her hobbies. Travel, fashion, read. Family, love, honesty.
Social media, TV, cinema. Shopping, luxury, style.